Spring 2015 Graduate Writing Groups

Come join our Graduate Writing Groups!

Graduate Writing Groups are groups of graduate writers from all levels and disciplines who will meet to share writing for courses, dissertations, theses, articles, and other professional activities, and offer supportive feedback. These groups are comprised of 4-6 writers, typically from similar departments and similar stages in their graduate programs; however, working in an interdisciplinary group is also an option and can be beneficial if you are interested in expanding your audience.

The Writers Workshop can help you form a writing group, and can give you advice on how to conduct writing group meetings. We think you will find the group to be a useful addition to your graduate work and future career, as you will learn important skills for improving your own writing, giving feedback to others, and forming a professional community.

Attend the required informational meeting on Thursday, February 5 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in English Building, room 160. You will be trained on writing groups’ best practices–how to share your pieces, how to request and offer feedback and suggestions to others’ writing, and how to improve certain aspects of your writing. Read this article in preparation for the informational meeting, Chris Golde’s “Tips for Successful Writing Groups.”

Feel free to contact us at wow@illinois.edu if you have any questions!